Guide for unemployed members of Akademikernes A-kasse

Understanding the rules will make you feel more at ease

When you become unemployed, many questions will run through your head - such as how will I make ends meet? Where will I find the next job? How will I figure out all the rules?

Therefore, we have collected all the rules you need to know about in this guide. If you have any doubts or questions – please, do not hesitate to call or write us.

The first thing you need to do is

...register as unemployed. If you have not done this yet, you need to access and do so right away. 

Just graduated?

If you have already changed your membership status from student member to new graduate, you can skip this part. 

If you have not yet changed your membership, here is some important information:

No later than 14 days after you have received your last grade, you have to fill in the form Skift medlemsstatus fra studerende til nyuddannet (you find the form on your personal website, Mit AKA). This will ensure your right to unemployment benefits.

If you have not been a student member, the same 14-day rule applies to ensure your right to unemployment benefits. However, in this case, you need to fill out the form, Bliv medlem af Akademikernes A-kasse (you will find the form on the frontpage of

Next you have to create a CV  

at Create and activate your CV before the welcome meeting with us - and a last within the first two weeks as unemployed. You will get a message from us when we have approved your CV. 

Requirements for your CV at

In order to get your CV approved, it is important that you describe:

  • Which jobs you are applying for
  • Your qualifications
  • Your previous jobs
  • Your education
  • Your contact information; As a minimum your postal code and your phone number, so that employers can see where you live, and can contact you.

How to get unemployment benefits

In your process of finding a new job, unemployment benefits provides you with financial security. This is important in order to stay focused on job hunting. Learn more about how to get unemployment benefits here.

To receive benefits from us, fill in the form, Ledighedserklæring.

In addition, at the end of each month, you need to fill in the Ydelseskort in order to receive your benefits. 

The Ledighedserklæring your application for unemployment benefits. You will find it on your personal AKA page called "mit AKA" under “blanketter” and ”ledig”.

You will receive a letter from us when we have approved your right to benefits. 

The Ydelseskort

At the end of each month, you have to log on to Mit AKA and fill in the benefit card (ydelseskortet) in order to receive your unemployment benefits. You use the benefit card to let us know if you have had any paid work, vacation or sick days.

As you continue reading this guide, you will find more information about the rules for registration of illness and vacation.

It is possible to fill in the benefit card 1 week before the last day of the month. If you do this, your benefits will be in your account on the last banking day of the month.

You need to fill in your benefit card - at the latest - 1 month and 10 days after the last day of the month in question; i.e. the deadline for sending in the benefit card for the month of July would be September 10. 

Dagpengetællere - Follow your use of unemployment benefits

1 month of benefits equals 160,33 hours. You can receive unemployment benefits for 2 years within a period of 3 years, which equals 3.848 hours in total.

At Mit AKA under ”Dagpengetællere”, you can keep track of your use of benefits, and see how many hours you have worked during the period, you have received benefits.

Avoid waiting days, for which you do not receive benefits 

How to avoid waiting days, for which you do not receive benefits

After every 4th months of unemployment there is a so-called waiting day. This is a day for which you do not receive benefits. You can avoid the waiting day if you work more than 148 hours within that 4-month period.

At under “Dagpengetællere”,  you can see how many hours of work you still need in order to avoid the waiting day. 


While receiving benefits, you are required to be available for employment opportunities. This means that you are obliged to actively apply for jobs, you can maintain, and accept relevant jobs and job activation from your job center.  

Availability for work – what does it mean?

The concept of availability is central to your eligibility for unemployment benefits, which means that:

• From the first day of unemployment, you are required to apply for jobs – both within and outside your profession. This could include applying for posted jobs, submitting unsolicited applications and using your network to find job openings

• You are obliged to accept jobs referred to you by Akademikernes A-kasse or your job center at a day’s notice. It is, therefore, important that you check your e-mail daily, and that you live and remain in Denmark

• As a full-time insured member, you have to be willing and able to work 37 hours per week on normal pay and employment conditions

• Part-time members have to be available for up to 30 hours of work per week.

• You have to be prepared to apply for and accept work entailing up to a total of 4 hours of travel per day by public transportation

• If you work reduced hours and receive supplementary unemployment benefits, you still have to apply for full-time jobs

• You need childcare for your children. If you do not have access to childcare outside opening hours of your day-care center, you have to inform your job center. If you fail to inform your job center, they can refer you to a job or work activity outside the opening hours of your day-care. If you reject a job or an activity offer due to childcare problems, and you have not previously informed your job center about it, you risk 3 weeks of quarantine

In addition to the above, there are other requirements relating to your job search and your participation in meetings. You can read more about these further down in this guide. 

Checklist for your job search

If you have full-time insurance, you need to apply for full-time jobs, whereas part-time insured have to apply for jobs with a minimum of 30 hours per week.

Your job hunting efforts have to be serious and realistic. This means that you should apply for any kind of job that you can carry out. In case there are not enough posted jobs to apply for within your field that match your competences and experience, you need to extend your search to other professions and expand it geographically.

Our requirements concerning your job search:

  • You have to apply for 1-2 jobs per week - a minimum of 6 jobs in total in the course of 4 weeks
  • These 6 jobs have to be jobs in Denmark
  • At least 3 out of 6 jobs have to be full-time jobs
  • After 3 months of unemployment at least 3 out of 6 jobs applied for have to be solicited ones

As unemployed, you need to register all the jobs you have applied for in Jobloggen at Mit AKA or The following count as job search:

  • Solicited job search 
  • Unsolicited job search
  • Networking or contacting a person with hiring responsibility

When you get a job 

When you get a job, please notify your job center. 6 weeks prior to starting your new job, the job center can grant you a less intensive job search period. To get this, you need to contact your job center and send them your contract. The job center will then register you as having found a job, and as such, you no longer have to:

• attend meetings at the job center and Akademikernes A-kasse

• apply for jobs

However, you are required to take on possible relevant jobs, that the job center considers you able to hold in the remaining period before starting your new job.

Remember once every week

…update your Joblog at

The Joblog at is where you have to register all of your job hunting activities to show that you are actively looking for a job. We get the information from your joblog at and will send you a reminder if your Joblog does not prove that you fulfil this requirement. In that case, we will assess that you are not available for employment, and you will not be entitled to unemployment benefits.

Please note that you will receive unemployment benefits on public holidays that fall on weekdays. Therefore, you also have to be actively looking for jobs on these holidays, unless you have registered vacation at at least 2 weeks before.

Moreover, every 4th. week as a minimum, you have to upload an example of a cover letter and CV that you have sent off to an employer.


You are required to attend job activation offers that your job center arranges for. They are obligated to do so at the latest when you have been unemployed for 6 months. You can also suggest activities that the Jobcenter could add to your plan (Min Plan). 

Activation can consist of various types of training, practical experience or wage subsidy jobs with public and private employers.

When attending a mandatory job activation offer, you still have to be actively looking for work and available for job opportunities. You may, however, be exempted from this obligation if your center agrees to it. 


If you terminate your employment, there will be a quarantine period for 111 hours (equaling 3 weeks). During this period you will not receive unemployment benefits. Yo do, however, still have to register as unemplyed on on the first day after your notice period. This applies regardless of whether it was a full-time or part-time job. 

The quarantine rules also apply if you reject a job referral, or if you reject or cut short an activation offer agreed with your job center or other party without a valid reason. If you do not show up for your first day of your scheduled employment training/activities, this is considered a rejection of the activity.

If you are quarantined twice during a 12 month period, or if you are not available for the job opportunities, you will lose your right to unemployment benefits. You will only regain your right to unemployment benefits once you have worked more than 300 hours in a continuous 3-month period. The work must be carried out on normal pay and employment conditions. 


While you are unemployed, you have to attend regular meetings with both your job center and Akademikernes A-kasse.

If you do not show up for an interview, you will not receive benefits starting from that day until you contact them.

The first meeting with us, and the first meeting at the job center will be booked for you. You will receive meeting notices from us in your ‘Mit AKA’ inbox. You will get meeting notices from the Jobcenter through e-Boks. You need to book most subsequent meetings and interviews yourself.

You will receive a message from either us or your job center when it is time for you to book a meeting. You will get a deadline for booking the meeting. If you do not book the meeting within the given deadline, you will no longer be registered as unemployed at, and, therefore, you will not be entitled to receive unemployment benefits on those days you have been deregistered. In that case, you have to register again as unemployed as soon as possible. 

Notify the job center of vacation plans and sickness

You have to notify your job center at if you are sick or planning a vacation. You do not need to inform AKA, because we are automatically informed by your job center.

Notify your job center on the day you get sick. If you are planning a vacation, notify the job center at least 14 days in advance. 


The first 14 days of a period with sickness, you will receive benefits from us. It is important that you register as sick at on your first sick day.

When you have notified the job center about your sickness, you do not need to attend meetings with us or the job center.

Please register at on the first day you are well again.

If you are sick for more than 14 days, you will receive sickness benefits from your local municipality. We automatically notify the municipality about it. 


If you are planning a vacation, you have to register your vacation at 14 days in advance. This is also the case if you are attending any form of activation.

If you notify your job center within the 14-day deadline, you will not be called in for meetings with your jobcenter or us during your vacation.

If you have earned vacation benefits from us, you can apply for them at “Mit AKA”.

Possibilities and approvals 

There are several options for you to stay active as unemployed and get experience added to your CV while you are unemployed. You can do voluntary work, work reduced hours, apply for jobs abroad, attend courses or start your own projects. However, there are rules and regulations that you need to know about, and you always need an official permission from us before you start any of these activities.

Possibilities and approvals 

You can work reduced hours

You can go abroad and search for job

You can attend courses and get education

You can have a self-employed sideline occupation

You can do voluntary work

You can work reduced hours

If you work reduced hours, you can receive supplementary unemployment benefits for 30 weeks. You have to complete a form concerning your job, so that we can assess whether your part-time job will affect your unemployment benefits. You can find the form at 'Mit AKA'.

If you are in a permanent employment with a notice period, you have to get a release certificate, “Frigørelsesattest”, from your employer in order to be eligible for supplementary unemployment benefits. The release certificate ensures that you can stop working with one day’s notice if you find work with longer working hours.

We need your release certificate no later than 5 weeks after you were hired, (it is the date on your contract that counts - not the date you start working). 

You can go abroad and search for jobs

If you wish to apply for work in the European Economic Area, (EEA), you can receive your unemployment benefits abroad for up to 3 months. Contact Akademikernes A-kasse for further details.

Employment interviews abroad
If you need to go abroad for an interview, you can receive unemployment benefits for 5 days. You have to notify us, and your job center, of the period you are going abroad. 

You can attend courses and get education

You can attend certain types of education and courses while you are claiming unemployment benefits. This requires that you or the job center pays for the education, and that you can get permission from us to attend the course. Always get an approval from us before you start any form of education or course.

The course should be a maximum of 19 hours per week. The course cannot be part of a full-time education that gives you the right to apply for SU.

Your job center or other party can inform you about the possibilities and offers that they have for you.

You can have a self-employment as a secondary activity

If you have a self-employed business as a secondary activity you can – as a rule – receive supplementary unemployment benefits for 30 weeks. You can apply for a permit to have a secondary activity by filling in a form at Mit AKA.

You can work as many hours as you like in your business, and your working hours can be any time of the day. However, you have to be available for full-time job opportunities, and you cannot be contractually committed to do work as self-employed during daytime.

You can do voluntary work

You can work as a volunteer for up to 44 hours per month in social and humanitarian organizations, without any deductions to your unemployment benefits.

If you wish to work as a volunteer, or if you already do voluntary work, you have to get an official permission from us. You can apply for this by filling in the relevant form at 'Mit AKA'. 

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How to get unemployment benefits

How to get unemployment benefits

How to get unemployment benefits

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Possibilities and approvals 

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